Similarities of the Great Gatsby and The Catcher in the Rye

             There is a numerous amount of similarities between F.


             about the real world and how real people behave under certain circumstances. For.

             this reason there are many similarities between the two novels. There was a vast.

             variety of similarities ranging from themes, symbols, and common persona.

             between the characters in both stories. For example both stories contained a.

             wealthy character, the narrator who portrayed the average man, and the dream of.

             being able to win the love of a former friend, among many others. But the.

             similarity which seemed to be most evident between the two stories was that of.

             "phonies." Both stories contain minor as well as main characters whose surface.

             behavior disguises their inner feelings.

             A minor character in The Great Gatsby who is fake is Jordan Baker. Jordan.

             Baker always appears to be "cool" but also portrays the irresponsible exploitation.

             that Nick sees in Tom and Daisy Buchanan. Jordan is supposed to be the top.

             woman's golfer. But this is ironic because the reader learns of how she cheats. .

             This makes Jordan fake because everyone believes her to be the best female golfer.

             but in reality she's a big cheater. A character who appears to be similar in the.

             novel The Catcher in the Rye is Ackley. Ackley is Holden's roommate who does.

             not exactly fit into society. He is unsophisticated and disagrees on many topics.

             with Holden. He always makes up stories of how he has had sexual relations with.

             several girls. Ackley makes up these stories so that maybe Holden and the other.

             guys will accept him and think he's "cool." But Holden, along with the other guys,.

             all know he is lying. This makes Ackley a phony and a comparative to Jordan.

             Baker who also lies while golfing.

             A second example of "phonies" between the two books is Tom Buchanan.

             from The Great Gatsby and Stradlater from The Catcher in the Rye. Stradlater is.

             the person who depicts all of the admirable qualities in society. These qualities.

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