Fable: Numskull and the Rabbit

             Numskull and the Rabbit.

             The Indian people use animals in their fables, and give them.

             Certain attributes of people to convey the flaws in humans. The .

             story of the "Numskull and the Rabbit” is used to show kings how .

             to manage their kingdom, by giving certain examples, such as of .

             how the lion (king of the jungle) is deceived or how one can be .

             caught up by issues and problems. This story also shows that if one .

             forgets his people his own flaws can easily over throw him. The .

             story is about a lion that eats all the animals in his kingdom .

             without remorse. A deal is made between the king and the animals, .

             and an animal is sent to the lion each day to be eatten, one day a .

             rabbit is sent to the lion and he tricks the lion into falling to his .


             This story is a fable, which has many different lessons to tell .

             to a king.”A king who madly butchers men, There lives as little .

             reconed as lives of goats ,has one square meal ,but never has a .

             second.”This story tells the king that if he kills his loyal subjects he .

             will never have enough when he really needs them. "A single .

             archer from a wall A hundred foes forfends; And so the military .

             art A fortress recommands.” This little story tells a king that a .

             good fortress will over come many foes. "A worrior faling to .

             compare two hosts,in mad desire for battle, plunges like a moth .

             headforemost into fire.” This story says that if an oppenet is not .

             compared to one's own, then you can fall, also to never rush into .

             battle. These parables or stories can attribute to a well governed .

             kingdom. If these stories are applied by a king then his reign will .

             live forever. The lesson to learn from this story is to always try to .

             see the repercussions of your actions,if not they will find the down .

             fall of you. .

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