The Effect of Sex Education in High Schools



             The largest gap of understanding still remains between the parents and the youth.

             especially in the area of sexuality. Sex is a natural part of life, and when questions.

             arise, they can be discussed in a matured way without condoning certain behavior.

             Relying to that, we realize that sex education is important to be inserted in a person's.

             life. Therefore, sex education in high schools is very necessary for youngsters to.

             acquire information, form attitudes, beliefs and values about identity, relationships and.

             intimacy. Sex education also encompasses sexual development, affection, body image.

             and gender roles. In other words, it is about learning how we grow, reproduce and.

             change over the years. It also includes a positive view of sex and the safety involved.

             on sexuality. Regarding to the importance of sex education, I want to state my stand.

             here that I strongly agree that "High schools must provide young people with adequate.

             sex education because ignorance can be harmful".

             Sex education in high schools helps young people to be more prepared for life changes.

             such as puberty, menopause and aging. Sex education can develop skills and self.

             esteem to help students enter adolescence. It helps them in knowing that the sudden.

             few changes are okay and normal. For example, girls would not get shocked, panic and.

             afraid at their first menstruation once they already had the knowledge about it. .

             Young people can also learn to appreciate and recognize their own sex: bodies just as.

             good, beautiful and special as other God's perfect creations. Moreover, it delivers.

             confidence on them to value themselves and others. Sex education helps them.

             understand the place of sexuality in human life and loving other people. They will learn.

             to enjoy their sexuality, behave responsibly within their sexual and personal.

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