The Advantages and Disadvantages of Gun Control
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Gun control is government limitations of the purchase and ownership of firearms in order to reduce violence caused by the use of the firearms. The issue of gun control has initiated many arguments. Those who are Pro-Gun Control feel that if guns are eliminated, crime and violence will deteriorate. However, that is only the best case scenario. In reality, if guns were taken away, more violence would occur and it would leave potential victims defenseless against criminals who have ways of obtaining weapons. Gun control should be eliminated since it would not reduce crime but increase it. Guns also provide an effective form of self-defense.

Reducing violence would be extremely difficult for gun control to do; in fact exactly the opposite would occur. Guns do not commit crimes alone. It is the irresponsibility and ignorance of gun owners that cause it. Guns do not have a mind of their own, and if there are owners, who fail to act responsibly, do not punish those who are responsible when owning guns. ( pg. ) If a student makes an error in their writing, do we blame the pencil they used to write? Highly unlikely. Secondly, gun control would not prevent criminals from obtaining guns. Only about one crime gun in every six is directly obtained through normal retail shops. Most criminals get guns through informal off-the-record swaps, purchases and trades with relatives, friends, drug-dealers or other street sources. Spending millions of dollars on a fool proof checking system would cause the last one of the six felons to stop buying guns from a shop, and send them to buy their weapons from the streets. (KATES) As stated before, enforcing gun control could actually increase crime rates. Felons have said that banning guns would make their lives safer and easier by disarming victims without affecting their own ability to obtain weapons. (KATES) This is a letter from an inmate from a Canadian prison about gun control...

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