The Life and Works of Robert Frost

             In this research project we will be studying the American poet Robert Frost. We will be writing about why we selected this particular poet, his life and how he began his career in poetry, a critical analysis of what critics have said about his poems, and what his poems were based on. We will then give our own opinions on two of Robert Frost's .



             We have selected to research the life and works of American poet Robert Frost for a number of reasons. First of all Robert Frost is one of the most famous American poets of all time, who successfully reflected the tragedies of his life in his art of poetry. This is not something that many people can do well. An other reason is that he had a very interesting and depressing life. When Robert was only ten years old his father died, he had a troubled marriage, two of his children died at infancy, one become insane and killed himself . We also selected this poet for our project because he had won a number of poetry awards, he won the Pulitzer Prize four times. He had also received honourary degrees from Oxford and Cambridge. The main thing that convinced us that Frost was worthy of our time and research was that he befriended JFK and read at his inauguration which maid him the first poet to do so. Robert Frost had also published his most successful book on his 88th birthday which caused him to finish his career on a strong note. .


             Robert Frost is one of Americas most well Known poets. Throughout his life he had faced many obstacles in starting his poetry career, and getting the recognition he certainly deserved.


             Robert Frost's life began on March 26, 1874, in San Francisco, California. In 1895 his father, a newspaper editor died of tuberculosis when he was only ten years old. Soon he and his mother moved to Lawrence Massachusetts with his grandfather. In Lawrence Robert attended highschool and was co-valedictorian with his future wife Elinor White.

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