The Rights of Man and Citizen

            For this book review I decided to write about The Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen. I picked this section of the book, because over all I feel it is a very important subject. Which I'm sure that Lynn Hunt did to, otherwise she would have not gave it a whole section. In this section it goes through the debates about The Declaration of Rights. How many of the people thought that the declaration to be necessary for a future constitution. On there other side of the argument many of the other people thought that the declaration would be dangerous by leading people to think there would be massive changes, which they were not looking forward to. .

             There were many speeches given on both sides for and against the declaration. Marquis De Lafayette spoke about man has no other limits than to assure enjoyment to members of their society. Duke Mathieu De Montmorency gave a speech about his wish for the declaration to be clear, simple, and precise. He believed that people are moving forward and could handle and needed these guide lines as long as they were short and understandable. Malouet spoke on his belief that you could not give rules and regulations to some one that has never been had rules before. They had been going on what they thought to be right, and probably would not stand for somebody to tell them how to live their life. The Duke also spoke on how he did not think that you should be able to make people serve in the army or navy, when it was once a choice to made by each individual. However he did agree that the declaration should be be an introduction to the constitution. He urged everyone to accelerate drafting by taking instruction from the work of the committee on the constitution and by postponing for later consideration. Every body agreed that they needed a declaration but the fight came in on what it was going to consist of. They seemed to only agree on not agreeing.

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