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Filipino Culture Influenced by the Spanish

Filipino culture is very influenced by the Spanish conquest which began mid-millenium. Many of the traditions of the Phillipines are actually Spanish traditions. The food is a combination of Asian and Spanish cuisine, and the language is made up of Spanish, English, and a touch of Japanese.

-Annual visits of "Manila Galleon" to Mexico maintains European contact

-Filipinos driven to high mountains

-Intricate stone terracing techniques developed for flatland farming on slopes

-Limited success in protection from Spanish land-owning aristocracy

Early 1800's Spain loses Central and South American colonies

Spanish economy development attempts unsuccessful

-Warlike Moros (Muslims) in southern islands gives difficulty

Slow education and spread of European ideology

Small group of educated Filipinos demand independence

-Jose Raul, brilliant leader- executed by Spanish in 1896 during open Filipino anti-Spain revolt

1898 Some Filipino leaders ineffectively proclaim unofficial Republic

-adopted European-style constitution

-Spanish surrender to US. US interest is out of fear that another power ie. Germany will seize the Philippines

1916 US committed to eventual Filipino independence

-Created internal self-governing units

-400,000 acres purchased from Catholic monasteries and given to the people

-Economic focus on American capitalism and enterprise is not helpful to the Filipinos

-Foreign trade develops that is dependently linked to the US market

-Local governments and political bosses resemble their Pan- American contemporaries

Foreign trade during those times was healthy and a good deal less complicated than today. The Malaysians, Indonesians, Arabians, Indians, and Chinese brought all sorts of spices and food plants to the islands. Some of them stayed and


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