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All About Turkey

Turkey is the country that unites Europe and Asia. It is just a little bit bigger than Texas. It has a magnificent past that has lasted for many centuries.

It is a land of many cultures, decorated with the most amazing ruins and monuments ever seen by man. Turkey is in southwestern Asia and it is chiefly mountainous with a temperate climate.

"Culture is the foundation of the Turkish republic.” When Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder and first President of the Turkish Republic, said this he must have been thinking of the arts, music, costumes, and theater that has assisted Turkey in becoming what it is today.

Turkish carpets are very substantial for the culture. They are hand-made and can be up to a hundred thousand dollars. String, wind, bow, and percussion instruments play the music.

The architecture is a real living environment created by indigenous people for themselves. The costumes and headdresses are not worn as much as they use to, but they are still accepted at weddings and ceremonies. Turkey has many great theaters and they have puppet shows.

Soccer is the main sport played in Turkey. The Turkish Premier League is like the National Football League in the U.S. There are eighteen teams in the league. There is also rafting, paragliding, horse riding, and diving.

People in Turkey have used the Latin alphabet since 1928. Kids go to school from September to May. There are three parts to school in Turkey. The first is pre-primary education. It is usually privately operated and is separated from primary education.

Primary education is mandatory and lasts for five years. Most of these schools require the children to wear uniform type clothing. After that, they go through secondary education, which lasts for six years, and are just like in the U.S. except that the teachers go from class to class instead of the students.

The capitol of Turkey is Ankara. It's government type is par


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