Becoming a Good Teacher

            Have you ever had a knack for kids? Have you ever wanted to teach? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then teacher may be right for you. According to Webster, a teaching is "one that teaches; especially: one whose occupation is to instruct.” However if takes a lot of time and careful consideration in deciding to become a teacher. I have always loved children and helping them learn. This is why I believe I would make a good teacher. The job of a teacher seems easy but is actually harder than many people think.

             When I first wanted to be a teacher, it was in fourth grade. Mrs. Chmiel had a large impact on my life and made me realize that teaching is what I wanted to do. Because I wanted to be a teacher, I looked into it more and more as I got older. In ninth grade, we got introduced to the Graduation Project. For our graduation project we had to pick a career and write about it. Because I was so interested in being a teacher, I of course, picked that. I looked in books and on the internet about teaching. There is so much more to teaching than what I imagined.

             To become a teacher, you have to take classes in high school that will help you plan your future. You must finish high school and attend an accredited college. You should find out if the college does internships so that you get actual training instead of just book studies. If you go to a state college it will cost you around $30,000. Most people don't just have $8,000 a year just lying around. So you need to apply for financial aid and loans. After four or five years of classes, education majors should have their bachelor's degree. This is the first step in becoming a teacher. If you needed loans to go to college than you will have to pay them back. You will the have to apply to different schools for open positions that pay fairly well. You can also go back for more schooling and get your master's degree.

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