There is a God and He is Not Me

             In order to fully understand the content of this paper, one has to understand the following statements. "There is a God and He is not me.” He is a "Holy God,” and desires you to have the same properties as an individual, as Him. .

             The following is a partial account of a study given by Reverend H. C. Van Wormer, B. A., at a Stoneboro, Kentucky, Camp Meeting in 1975. The members of the meeting were so inspired by the Lord through his teachings that they asked for the contents to be copied into paper form. Reverend Van Wormer was a pastor and President of the Allegheny Wesleyan Methodist Connection for 37 years. He was a great leader in the Holiness movement and took a huge amount of criticism, misunderstanding, and even insults, but stood firm in his beliefs. His study of spiritual holiness could possibly be one of the best ever stated on paper. Please allow me to emphasize this point: a person would have to be a spiritual person to understand his ideas of heart holiness. Then, we may not fully grasp every detail. I chose this subject because of the vast confusion that the people of faith have on the subject matter. There are many definitions and ideas, and I truly believe each and every one has somewhat of a truth to them. But we cannot be confused on this matter, for God has called us unto holiness, and no one will see God without holiness. Let us go forward into the heart of his research.

             First and foremost, we need to understand the meaning of sanctification. Sanctification is the process in which we reach "Heart Holiness.” The apostle Paul referred to this as "throwing off the Ole Man.” Everyone is born with it, something referred to as the "Carnal Nature.” This is the uncontrollable fleshly nature that is within us. Many scholars tend to refer to this as "evil thoughts.” In my opinion, we cannot stop evil thoughts from coming, but we can stop them from becoming "evil thinking.

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