Negative Impacts On Advanced Technologies
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¡§Negative Impacts On Technologies¡¨

Advanced technologies are potential threats to devastate the living environment.

Although technologies has helped human beings to adapt an easier way of life,

however, in the long term it might not be as beneficial as people realize. Many

technologies have led to chronic devastations in the environment this includes

automobiles, industrial power plants and medicines.

The invention of automobiles have brought convenience to people, on the other

hand, it also causes air pollution. Driving is probably the most polluting act an

average citizens commits. Pathogens in car exhaust like carbon monoxide, nitrogen

dioxide, sulphur dioxide, benzene and polycyclic hydrocarbons are toxic to human

body organs. These substances have been shown to produce harmful effects on the

blood, bonemarrow, spleen and lymphnodes, any of these pollutants can cause anemia,

cardiovascular disease, hypertension and the possibilities of developing several types

of cancers. Furthermore, combustion car engines contribute to carbon dioxide

accumulation in the atmosphere is responsible for climate changes. Carbon dioxide is

the main culprit of greenhouse effect. Meteorological reading taken in the stratosphere

over the Arctic show that in six of the past 10 winters, ozone has thinned to half its

concentration. Ozone protects the Earth from the Sun's ultraviolet radiations and

doctors are concerned that if it is eroded more people will suffer from skin cancer.

Moreover, the greenhouse effects is also a main reason responsible for global

temperature to increase slightly every year. Report indicates that during the past 20

years, average temperature has increased 0.5 degrees and in the following century the

temperature will increase 2 to 5 degrees worldwide. Scientists are concerned about

that consequently as ...

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