The Effects of Christianity in Africa

            The effects of Christianity in Africa can be seen today and were certainly visible in the time of colonization. Since the time of colonization people were forced into doing whatever they were told whenever they were told or face the wrath of god. Very similar to the way that the Greeks and the Romans scared their citizens with death and the underworld the colony leaders would scare the colonies inhabitants with purgatory and hell. The fires of hell were brought up a lot during colonization to describe the penalty for disobeying god and the missionaries. This process of spreading religion was both immoral and against the word of god. God teaches us that through our own free will we will be able to find the holy spirit within ourselves and from that be able to use that as a compass to find our place with god. These ever popular scare tactics were also not used for things only in relation to god. These tactics were also used to scare the Africans into doing whatever t he missionaries considered needed to be done. This system of control is very similar to what was done to the natives of California during the mission system in the 16th century. This process was tried and true. This process insured that there was free labor and that the laborers would never revolt and would do whatever was told to them for fear of upsetting god. This process was dependable because it brought in great amounts of money for both the catholic church and the Spanish government. What went on in Africa was no different. This was a quick and easy way to gain cash land and the loyalty of subjects that had no say in government. These were considered by the British and other European nations to be the best types of subjects. These nations that had once been the best examples of the tribes of Africa that ruled the lands of Africa and had been able to rule themselves for centuries prosperously and gallantly. the colonization of Africa simply weekend Africa at its roots during the time of colonization the African civilization had no time to develop or grow strong as a whole.

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