The "Attitude"
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Attitude is more important than facts. Attitude how does it affect people? It affects people by changing their mood. According to Charles Swindell, people are now convinced that life is ten percent of what happens to people and ninety percent of how people react to it (1). What people mean by this, is that most of what happens to people is because of the way they react. The other part of life is what happens because of the reaction. Another simple way of putting it, is that attitudes controls what happens.

There are many places where attitude affects people. One such place is at school. Attitude affects people at school in many ways. For example, if someone is tired, his or her attitude is in an irritated sort of way, which is not very entertaining to be around. Another example is when they have just received a lot of homework or a test was returned with a bad grade. They are in a real bad or positive mood. Another time is when someone just got a detention because of being late it could be described as being disappointed or even a surprised kind of attitude because it came to be a shock.

Another place attitudes affect people are at home. At home, people usually have a better attitude because they are in a nicer environment. In some homes, people have a worst attitude

because of their surroundings. If someone's house is full of friends of their parents all the time, they could have a mixture of attitudes depending upon the situation. Most attitudes change when the television is on because they are so "rapped up” in the show. Most parents get real mad

when this happens so their attitude change, which results in arguments which, results in their attitude change.

The work place is probably the worst place to have an attitude that affects someone. Attitude is actually the worst at the work place. The reason for this is because they have peers all around


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