Tragic Events Do Not Preclude Tragic Outcomes

             "Never, never, never give up”, was coined by Sir Winston Churchill. This quote holds more meaning than could ever be put into words. Everyday we are faced with obstacles that occur in our lives. How we manage these everyday occurrences make us not only who we are, but also who we hope to become. Nineteen hundred eight six was an exceptional year filled with triumph and tragedy. May I never forget lessons learned and innocence lost. Tragic events do not preclude tragic outcomes. .

             Leaving home was probably the hardest thing I ever had to do at the age of seventeen. For seventeen years I lived in the small ranch style house. I always dreamed of leaving, but never thought the time would come. Finally it was here. The day was bright, beautiful and warm. Fall, in Ohio, can only be described as breathtaking. Orange, red and yellow leaves fluttered effortlessly to the ground. Long forgotten nests from the spring, now swayed in the gentle breeze. Beneath the tree, leaves lay scattered. Next door, the smell of fresh cut green grass filled the air. A two-door blue Escort sat in the driveway. Inside, an overnight bag and a small, brown box of pots and pans sat in the front seat. Behind the passenger seat, an old TV was covered in blankets, along with more boxes and luggage. .

             From the car, I slowly made my way back to the garage. My dad stood there watching, waiting. His smooth, shaven face in no way revealed his age. At five foot eleven, my dad wasn't exactly short. However, if I stood on my tiptoes, I could still see his eyes. Bright, green eyes, sad and wet, stared back at me. "Dad, can you think of anything I'm forgetting?”, I whispered. "No.”, he replied, "Do you have any idea where you might be staying the first night?”, Shaking my head, "No. It will all depend on how tired we are. But I'll call you.” "Well then”, he said, "you best get going. I don't want you driving after dark.

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