Liza's 7th Birthday

            "Hurry up, Lisa! Make a wish and blow the candles!” exclaimed Mr and Mrs. It was Lisa's 7th birthday and the Jones were celebrating it in their large, luxurious living room. Lisa was the happiest girl because she basically had everything, every toy she wanted. Her parents had her in their mid forties, so Lisa was a very valuable gift to them. So that was the reason why they bought her everything she asked for, making her the happiest yet the brattiest kid on earth.

             After Lisa made a wish and blew her candles off, Mr. Jones brought a huge box wrapped in fancy paper. With excitement, Lisa hurriedly unwrapped the box and took our the precious gift that was lying there. Lisa stared into the eyes of the life-sized doll with amazement, it was as though she was staring into a mirror.

             "Oh, thanks mommy and daddy! This is the best thing I've ever gotten in my whole entire life! I'm going to name my new doll Dorothy!” cried Lisa with joy. .

             From that day on, Dorothy took a big portion of Lisa's life because she shared everything with her doll. They did everything together and even dressed alike. It was as if Dorothy had become Lisa's twin sister.

             However as time passed by and Lisa aged, Dorothy slowly faded away from Lisa's life. Dorothy was no longer her favorite doll. Actually, Lisa no longer played with dolls; she was too busy playing with her friends and shopping. Dorothy, who used to sleep besides Lisa on her comfortable, laced bed, now slept in an old, dirty toy box along with other ugly, useless toys. .

             Meanwhile, Lisa was becoming a messed up teenager. Her parents' love had turned her into a slick, evil brat who only cared for herself. All she did in return of the love her parents had poured to her, was to occasionally run away from home and to perform poorly in school. .

             Due to the many problems Lisa was causing both at home and school, her parents decided to move to a small town in Colorado. On the day they were moving, Lisa was going through her things to throw away anything that was unnecessary.

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