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Napster's Controversy on the Web

Napster is an ongoing controversy on the Web.

Napster is a software program that allows anyone to find their favorite music by connecting them to the computers of millions of other users. It is the simplest way to find the MP3s they want, whenever they want, and share them with the world's largest community of music lovers. An estimated 20 million people have used Napster since it came out last year. With all the people who support Napster, there are just as many that want to see it shut down.

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is suing Napster for copyright infringement. RIAA found that 87 percent of the songs transferred via Napster are copyrighted. (This case is currently in trial) Musicians such as Dr. Dre and Metallica also sued Napster and now anyone who tries downloading their music will be banned. Dr. Dre was quoted saying, "Downloading my music without paying anything is equivalent to stealing food from my kids.aE...

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