Common Household Chores

             Many of us have common household chores. Some more than others; we have some we absolutely hate, and some we don't mind. A common household chore I hate is cleaning up and doing the dishes after supper. Although my sister Emily and I rotate this harsh act every other night I am always trying to finagle her into doing it for me. To me doing the dishes is a form of punishment that no one should have to endure. .

             There are just a few little jobs to be taken care of in the process of cleaning up after dinner. The first step that should be taken is getting the condiments off the table and putting them away. The condiments include items such as ketchup, mustard, salad dressings, salt, pepper and others like these. These things should be put where they belong and out of sight. Also, all the dirty napkins or cloths should be thrown away.

             Next, gather each pot or pan or dish that the food was served in, and scrape the leftovers into individual plastic containers. Put away the Tupperware and put them in the refrigerator to be eaten at a later date. This is important because if anyones' mother is like mine, there are starving children in China, so every bit of food must be put to use. If there is food that is not edible, like that has fallen on the floor, then there is always the option to give it to your pets.

             The third job is scraping the dirty plates and bowls. To do this you may use the dirty utensils that were used with the plate or bowl. Simply carry over each dish with the utensil to the trash can. Make sure that you get all the scrappy food into the trash can and NOT on the floor. If the food ends up on the floor, then an additional job will be added. This job is not fun, especially if it is carpet that the food spilled onto. Then you have to scrub the floor and so forth. Otherwise, assuming you made it into the trashcan with all the food left on the plates, make sure you get everything that you can into the trash.

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