The United States Mission to the United Nation

            Is the United States Giving too Much to the United Nations?.

             Does it seem like whenever the United Nations (UN) sends peacekeepers to a region that the United States (US) bears the majority of the debt and load of troops? Does it seem that we are the only country supply material and "doing it all?" Is the US the worlds police department? No we aren't. The US is doing its job when the UN asks for assistance when a country needs peacekeepers in a time of transition, redevelopment, or serious acts against the rights of humans.

             The US is not the controlling force behind the UN like some people believe. For those of you how do, grow up! It is true that the US pays more than some other countries, but we do not carry the whole budget. We only cover 25% of the regular UN budget and peacekeeping operations. That comes to a total of $313 million for the regular budget and $282 million for peacekeeping, and whatever other contributions that Congress decides to give to other UN programs. Some might say that this is too much, well I believe that it isn't enough. The UN runs many programs and tries to maintain peace in an effort to thwart war. How much would you pay for a global peace? Whatever it is that you just said probably isn't enough. Why should any US citizen worry about what the UN does, we are the US, the most powerful country in the world? It should be a matter of your concern since the US is vulnerable, maybe not from some other falling superpower, but to some third world country that is trying to get their hands on a medium yield nuclear weapon. How does this effect the UN? Well the UN works with small third world countries to get them developing in the right the direction, away from weapons of mass destruction and more towards a better agriculture system of infrastructure.

             What type of military support does the US give the UN? Currently the UN has around twenty peacekeeping operations going on around the world, the most recent being the mission to East Timor.

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