The Missouri State Constitution

            The Missouri State Constitution is going to be revised and portions of it maybe rewritten. I am one of the members of the Commission that have been assigned to take on this task. The Legislative, Executive, and the Judicial branches of government are going to be overlooked and some procedures and policies may even be rewritten. In the following report that I am about to give, I will be addressing some core issues, that should be considered for change and also some issues that should remain the same and why, in the rewriting process of the Constitution.

             I will first be speaking about the Legislative department and will cover both the House of Representatives and also the Senate. In the House the term for a representative is now set at two years and that individual can serve up to a maximum of eight years in that chamber. In the Senate the term for an individual is a four-year term and the maximum they can serve is eight years also for a combined total of sixteen years in both chambers. The terms and limits for both chambers should remain the same due to the fact that one member cannot gain too much influence in their position. Both terms are the same as the national level and these terms have always worked. Because these representatives are on the state level they should not be allowed to serve any more than eight years in each chamber with a total of Sixteen in both chambers. This maximum service of sixteen is ideal so no one member can gain too much influence in their position. They are either forced to go elsewhere or to run for the national level and service our state to further their career. .

             As for qualifications, a House member is to be at least 24 years of age, have been a registered voter for two years, and a resident of the state for one year. Having the age limit set at 24 is ideal because it is the lowest adult age for an individual to start a brilliant career. The qualification for being a registered voter for two years should be raised to three because someone of this stature should have just a bit more of experience in elections and voting.

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