A Knowledge Base of Social Work
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Practice methods that correspond to the levels of Practice are:

1. Micro level of practice- direct practice/service delivered directly to clients (face to face and minimal administrative work.

2. Mezzo level of practice- indirect practice involving administration/leadership roles enabling effective delivery of services.

· Organizational and Public Relations

· Monitoring for Improvement of Productivity

3. Macro level of practice- involves the processes of Social Planning and Community Organization

· Professional Change Agents who assist Comm. Action Systems composed of individuals, groups or Organizations deal with social problems

· Program planning and development, working with governmental agents and Comm.

4. Research- driving force behind rigorous advancement of knowledge

1. People are capable of making their own change; they have free will

2. Assist people maximize their potential and independence

3. Change environmental influences that adversely impact clients

4. Increase understanding that behavior is purposive and goal directed and this is not readily discernible.

5. People are capable of learning new behaviors

6. Most difficulties can be resolved by focusing on present choices and mobilizing their strengths

7. Increasing people's knowledge and learning new skills produces self growth in the process

8. Utilize strategies that motivate people to implement changes in various types of systems

9. Life's crises represent opportunities for growth and mastery is a source of strain in life

10. People need self-affirmation and self-esteem. Many conflicts are indirect expression of feelings of low self-esteem.

11. Human growth occurs in the context of relationships with other people

12. We model for others open authentic relationship skills/behaviors

13. Increase responsiveness to the needs of others

14. Live in the reality of the present motivates people to exercise t...

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