The Whales
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?gThe blue whale heart is the size of a small car, the major arteries

leading from the heart a small child can stand it! ?g This is an example about

amazing whale fact. I focused about previous amazing facts on whales,

dolphins, and porpoises in this research paper.

As we knows, whales are one of the most intelligent mammal in

the ocean. There are two kinds of whale, one is toothed whales and the other

one is baleen whale. The third largest whale in the world is the sperm

whale. It is the biggest toothed whale in the world. In Latin, physeter

The sperm whale has the biggest forehead of the whales. It has a

long narrow jaw. The sperm whale smells through its blowhole. The brain of

the sperm whale is the biggest brain in the world. It weights twenty pounds

. It can be used like a computer. The sperm whale has ears but very little

hair. Sperm whale can dive a mile under the water. Two thousand feet under

the surface, a sperm whale might appear. The sperm whale can go

underwater for more than half an hour. In addition, many toothed whales

are believed to use their sonar capabilities to stun their prey with a ?gsonic

pulse?h. The narwhal, an unusual toothed whale with a tooth piecing the

upper lip, is believed to be the basis of the legendary unicorn.

Southern right whales have been seen to raise their flukes in the

air and use them as sails. Grey whales are able to swim in water as shallow

as 6 feet! There are four species of dolphins that inhabit fresh water rivers.

Some species of whale lice, small crustaceans similar to terrestrial lice, can

be found only on one type of whale. Whaling still occurs today with Japan

and Norway being the primary hunters. Fin whales are the second largest

animal ever to live on earth. They have been measured to over 80 feet long in


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