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Please visit two research web sites and report on them for the rest of the class. Make sure your report is

for your audience, fellow adult learners who will be doing a fairly comprehensive research project.

Diana Hacker, Research and Documentation in the Electronic Age

Business Wire electronically disseminates full-text news releases for public and investor relations professionals to

media, online services and databases, the Internet, and the investment community.

Martindale's: The Reference desk. This award-winning website contains links to thousands of reference resources;

efficient for some searches than using web search engines.

American Communication Association. Communications law, including First Amendment issues; communication

including organizational, management, and intercultural communication; Internet resources.

Search engine available to search among the documents in the Division of Research.

Baltimore Business Journal, weekly publication on business news in Baltimore area.

Home page of Collaborative Strategies: Strategies for Electronic Communication and Knowledge Management.

Diana Hacker, Research and Documentation in the Electronic Age


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