The Wave Committee in Vancouver

             Everything startde in 1969; Members were part of.

             the ''Don't make a wave'' committee in vancouver.

             He was a forty-three year old American and was a composite-materials.

             researcher. Another founder of the committee was Irving Stowe; he was a Philadelphia.

             lawyer. A jew who had joined the Quaker religion. Paul Cote, a canadian lawyer in his.

             mid twenties who had just gotten out of shool when he joined the committee. During this.

             year, the United States had chosen to test its nuclear arsenal in Amchtka, which is a small.

             island off the west cost of alaska. This was a home for many animals including eagles,.

             falcons, endangered sea otters,etc. These three men decided to produce means to end.

             nuclear testing in Amchitka.Next they decided to sail a boat they'd name it Greenpeace.

             because they wanted the earth to be green and yhey wanted peace. It was Bill Darnell.

             who came upwith that name. Suddenly, more peaple joined the commitee to stop nuclear.

             testing in Amchitka, including Terry Simmons, a cultural geographer. Bohlen and Stowe.

             were attracting journalist, columnist, writer, anyone who had somthing to do in the media.

             It took them two years to get them ready for their journey towards justice for a land.

             Bohlen and cote were in charge of fiding a boat. Meanwhile, Stowe took care of fiding the.

             money. He used contacts from the United States; he was a very serious man and did.

             everything possible to get the money they needed, he even organized a benefit concert.

             which made seventeen thousand dollars. The first boat they found Phylis Cormack was.

             first seen as old and used that wasn't going to be capable of sailing to Amchitka, so they.

             weren't sure of using this boat; it would carry twelve crew members and the trip would.

             last six weeks. During this year the ''Don't Make a Wave'' committee changed their.

             name to Greenpeace foundation. The day of the Greenpeace departu! re to Amchitka, it.

             was allover the news , everybody wanted a story on it.

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