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Site and Situation: Mexico City

Site and Situation: Mexico City is the largest city in Mexico. It is located in the south central part of the country in the Disuto Federal (Federal District). Mexico City is situated in the Valley of Mexico, a highland basin at an elevation of about 2350 m and is bounded by mountains on three sides. Much of Mexico City is built on the former bed of Lake Texcoco which is spongy and prone to settling. It also lies along a major east and west geological fault line. Approximate distances from Mexico City to the following are; Toronto; 2030 miles, Los Angeles; 1550 miles, Vancouver; 2450 miles, and Paris; 5220 miles.

Historical Background: Legends relate that an eagle eating a snake landed on a cactus (Aztec) on a barren island near the southwest shore of Lake Texcoco and so began the marking for a new city. The Aztecs began the development of Tenochtitlan on a sacred site in 1325. On a nearby island another Indian group began Tlaltelolco in 1327. By the time the Spaniards arrived in 1519, Tenochtitlan had forcibly incorporated Tlatelolco and had been filled in the lagoon between the two towns. The Spaniards raised the Aztec capital and on that site began to erect Mexico City in 1521. The new Spanish city extended to the south and west as a gridiron of square blocks divided into house lots. Mexico City remained Spanish until Mexican independence in 1821. By 1920 the Mexican capital had 620,000 residents and was a modern city in all respects. In 1931 outlying towns were legally annexed, giving Mexico City the major sub districts and street pattern that characterize it today.

Population In Mexico City Over The Last 50 Years

Quality of "Basic Needs": The rapid growth of Mexico City has created several problems, one being an increasing inadequate water supply, and the sinking, by as much as 6 m of parts of the downtown area into soft lake deposits that underlie much of the city damaging buildings and disrupting s...

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