International Day

             International Day was a day where the students from foreign country’s get to share there pride in there country and culture and that’s exactly what they did. This international day was the first one I’ve ever attended and I will attend them from now on. International day was great there were a live reggae band many new faces and cultures from all around the world. There were booths from Jamaica, Kenya, France, Italy, India, and many more. It was really fun walking around and just enjoying some new scenery. I really liked the Kenyan booth it appealed to me because I’m an art major and the native art that they showed was interesting and new to me. I was interested in it enough to look up some African art sites on the Internet, and then made a mask in ceramics class. There were other booths that were interesting and some that weren’t so interesting. The least interesting booth had to be the French booth all it had was a French flag and old postcards. The Italian booth wasn’t that good either it just had Italian deserts prepared with Laura Lynn jams bye a New York guy in a chefs hat. But these didn’t have students in them so it seemed they were there for the money. I wanted to try the foods but unfortunately they didn’t take my cat card, in other words I was broke, so I listened to the free music. The reggae band was great they had a lot of attention most of the afternoon another attention getter were the Indian women wearing beautiful outfits they were extremely elegant and colorful. Overall, I liked international day a lot. It was a lot of fun and a learning experience worth my time and that’s rare these days.

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