The Roles of The Red Cross Organization in the Society

             Red Cross Involvement .


             The Red Cross is a group organization, which consists mostly of volunteers that help the needy and the hurt. In the beginning of World War II, when it was just announced that we were at war with the Japanese the doors of the Red Cross opened to thousands of new volunteers that wanted to help the American soldiers. To ease the discomfort of civilians being drafted, the Red Cr0oss decide to turn towards social workers and recreational specialists. (Compton's Interactive Encyl.) .

             The Red Cross helped keep Americans calm during this war but soon, the Cold War Era began and made it difficult to work with. The American Red Cross successfully met the challenges of war and peace as it established a blood program. (Compton's Interactive Encyl.) This blood program was requested by the U.S. Army and Navy. During the four-year period, starting at 1941 in New York City, 6.6 million donors gave blood to help their soldiers. As the blood donors increased during the war, new centers opened and Army and Navy asked the Red Cross for greater amounts of blood. (Compton's Interactive Encyl.) .

             The Red Cross also helped refugees reunite with their family's already living in the U.S. by setting up posts where you could look for names of the loved ones you are missing and see if they have made it back to the U.S. Many youths were in need of clothes and food so the Red Cross supplied what they could from the donations they received to the young people in need. The Nurses Aide Corps was an only volunteer organization to help meet the "emergency needs of the civilian population.” It played a significant role in building up community health defense during a time when there was a shortage of nurses and medical personnel. (Compton's Interactive Encyl.).


             Before the attack on Pearl Harbor the Red Cross practiced emergency calls so the nurses and first aid teams can set up station soon after the calls for help are made.

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