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Beowulf in Reality is A Villain

Beowulf is portrayed as the hero of the epic poem Beowulf (c1200), although he is in reality the villain. Throughout the poem the poet, who is unknown, believes Beowulf to be a hero because of his strength and loyalty to his people. However, his pursuit for heroic status was so dominating that it motivated his jealousy, selfishness and greed. Beowulf is a tale about a boastful soldier whose motive in life is purely self-beneficial; he exploits the vulnerability of Grendel, Grendel's mother and eventually the dragon to gain fame, money and power. Beowulf is a typical primitive whose evil actions brought him recognition and immortality, he is a product of the society that the poet lives. Beowulf stood for himself and himself alone.

Grendel is a hero and a symbol of the oppressed. Although he does not represent the traditional hero, he is a hero within a society of separates. Grendel is a "monsteraE...

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