Outline for Informative Speech o Alcoholism

             Introduction: Do you remember the Notre Dame football game this past season?? Well I do sorta. I was at the game and all-I even participated in the vandalism that went on before the game even ended. I know my intentions for that game were to 1) watch Pitt lose again, 2) get pretty drunk because I had a good feeling that Pitt would screw it up again, and 3) have fun at our party that night. Well here is just a little bit of what happened to me that day.

             I started to drink before the game, and following that head on down to the game with a few more beers. At the conclusion of the game I have probably had about a total of 8 beers-and I think I am being a little modest. I get back to the house at the conclusion of the game to start drinking again with some of my brothers and alumni that showed up to the game. I wasn't planning on Pitt to win so I wasn't anticipating such a celebration. Well I'll just say that I drank beer until midnight with alumni when they had to go. So I took them up to my room to get their coats. While they were in my room I brought out a handle of Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum, and a handle of cheap Vodka. All I know is that we were all doing shots. The alumni passed out on my couches while I continued to do more shots. I couldn't even begin to tell you how much I drank that night-all I remember is waking up in the hospital with IV's in my arm and friends all around. My B.A.C was between .34 and .36.

             II. I am now going to explain what BAC is and describe what you start to feel and what is actually going on in your body.

             A. I use the first of my visual aides to help visualize the different levels of your BAC. .

             B. Then I place where I was that night in relation to the entire graph.

             III. Now what happens to you if you get caught?? Well when I woke up that next morning (Thank God) I found a citation in my pocket from Pitt Police.

             A. The citation was through the magistrate on Fifth Ave.

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