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Major Rules of Parents

All parents love their children. They sometimes even sacrifice their lives for their children. But is only love enough for a child to grow up with? Why do parents need a child? This is the first question parents should ask themselves before anything else. Lots of parents think they have enough reasons for having a child but do parents need children to satisfy themselves, to dedicate their love to him/her, or to train a good, useful person for the society they're living in.

Are children satisfying for parents' lives? "Yes, Children are sweet, they won't let parents feel bored ....”, but are these enough reasons for having a child? As a matter of fact NO. These sweet lovely children are new lives. They're not toys whom whenever parents felt tired of that, just throw them away. They will grow up and will be parents someday. Children need to be supported. Not with neighbors, babysitters, friends, but with parents. Therefor, before anything, parents should ask themselves why they need a child & come up with enough, strong reasons for having a child. So parents have responsibility even before a child is born.

Love is very important in everyone's life especially in children's lives. But how parents should love their children? Should parents buy them expensive toys, pretty clothes or should give them all the joy they can? Are these ordinary stuffs enough for a child to grow up with? Does love train children also? Sometimes loving children blind parents and they can't see facts about their children. They think their children are just perfect. No one would attempt to fix something when he/she thinks that thing is perfect. Just like some parents, they don't see their children' problems and insufficiencies and won't try to train them right. Therefor their children will grow up not suitable for society. As a conclusion, parents should have some expectations from their children. These expectations would ride pare


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