"All the Years of Her Life" by Morley Callaghan

            Realized .

             This story "All the Years of Her Life", written by Morley Callaghan, this story is .

             about a young man named Alfred who gets caught stealing and for the first time he .

             realizes all the pain he causes his mother. This story takes place in a drug store owned by .

             a man named Sam Carr. Alfred is a worker at Carr's store. Alfred is leaving and Carr .

             accuses Alfred of stealing a compact, lipstick and two tubes of toothpaste. Carr threatens .

             that he is going to call the cops, but instead Carr calls Alfred's mom. Mrs. Higgins comes .

             to the store real calm, it's a surprise to Alfred and Carr. Carr and Mrs. Higgins have a .

             long conversation and Mrs. Higgins gets Carr only to fire Alfred. Alfred and Mrs. Higgins .

             walk home Mrs. Higgins is mad , but Alfred does not have a clue what's going on in .

             her head. At home Alfred is sent to his room , not feeling any shame for what he did. .

             When Alfred comes out to thank his mom for what she did, he sees his mom struggling .

             trying to pour her tea and at that time he realizes how much pain he has put his mom .

             through by her pouring her tea. I think that it is good that this happened to Alfred because .

             maybe next time he will think before he acts.

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