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Encounters with Extraterrestrial Beings

Aliens, are they really out there? One may ask that question. There are no proofs of any interaction with aliens. So many people report being abducted by aliens is that true? So many questions and no little answers. Aliens can be fragments of our imagination, moreover human imagination is very wild. If we elaborate our imagination we can realize the creativity that lives inside each and every individual. From my understanding aliens are a fragment of our imagination also could be caused by sleep deprivation, hallucination, and hypnosis.

Alien abductions also are caused by sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation is when one can't sleep cause of mental or physical stress. Sleep is a very large part of our lives. Lack of sleep causes crankiness, and other stress related feelings. Lack of sleep also causes our mind to malfunction and hallucinate. One may see a mailbox as a person, or see wild animals on the streets, and even think that there are cracks in the road.

Shermer believed that he had an encounter with aliens, the later learned that it was not actually aliens that he had encountered it was his crew members. His displacement was caused by sleep deprivation. Shermer was on a show called "The Other Side" where he told his story. Shermer wanted to see what others had to say about alien abductions. On the show he met many people that had been abducted, he questioned them on if they thought they were sleeping or where they awake. When the abductees were asked to prove their abduction, they couldn't do it. After the taping of the show was done, Shermer joined the rest of the abductees to dinner. There he learned that these were ordinary people with ordinary lives, yet they had something different about them. Aliens had abducted them all. Shermer and other psychologist tested these people and there wasn't an answer to be found.

All of the abductees had common stories on how they


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