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The Power of Human Spirit

Paving the way, comedy traditionally deals with the efforts of individuals to survive and create a new and better world - or at least one that is better than the reality the character find themselves in if only for a short period of time. In this way this genre seems to be a means of dealing with both human suffering and failure. This fact is found present in the works of Aristophanes, Voltaire and Altman dealing with a general theme of survival and creativity in their humor. In the light that these authors shed on this topic, comedy celebrates the creative and restorative power of the human spirit by mocking the very soul of their characters; through defeat and tragedy the author degrades the character's spirit and at the same time allows enough time for their character to regain or discover their identity.

The satire found in these three works, Lysistrata, Candide, and "M*A*S*HaE...

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