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The Invention of the Touch-tone Telephone

During the 1960's the invention of the touch-tone telephone influences the way we in the 1990's think about accomplishments. Before the touch - tone telephone there were rotary dial phones. With Kappel as boss of AT&T new customer equipment came about. In 1963 the first offering of the touch-tone service became available (Brooks, 1976). This service featured telephones with push buttons instead of rotary dials. In 1965, the Trimline, which had the dial built into the handset, proved to be an immediate hit (Brooks, 1976). The touch - tone phone is important to everyone today because it is an easier and faster way of dialing.

"On November 18, 1963, AT&T officially offered the touch-tone phone to consumers who were sick of breaking their fingernails dialing old rotary phonesaE...

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