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The Qualities of an Ideal Boss

Shouting out, the employee lamented, "If only I could pick my own boss!" Many

people have made wishes like this at some point--wishing that they could pick their own

boss. So, what if a person was given a chance to shop for the "perfect" boss; what kind of

characteristics would the "perfect" boss need to have? Well, for me the answer to this

question is simple. If I were able to go shopping to pick out the "perfect" boss, I would

pick someone who is a leader, someone who is organized and someone who has a good

One of the characteristics an "ideal" boss needs to have is good leadership skills.

He or she needs to be able to take charge in "sticky" situations. If all but two employees

at Pizzazz Computers get ill and are unable to come to work on one of the busiest days

out of the year, then the "boss man" needs to be able to deal with the pressure and instruct

the employees on what to do. No matter how hectic things get with good leadership skills

anything can be delt with in an effective manner. Leadership skills are not only an

important quality to look for when picking out an "ideal" boss but also an essential

Another important quality to look for when trying to shop for the "perfect"

employer is organizational skills. Organizational skills are a necessity without them things

will not get accomplished, like paying the employees. If, because of a lack of

organizational skills, the employer loses or forgets to write the pay checks, there could be

complete chaos. I can see it now, twenty-five or more people running around the business

office shouting, "We want our money...we want our money!" This is one of many reasons

why one needs to make sure when shopping for the "perfect" employer that he or she

picks one with organizational skills.

The third characteristic for the "ideal" boss is to have a good personality. This is

probably the most important qual...

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