The Future City

            The purpose of this report is to inform the governmental board of the last three entries into Future City. As Commissioner of Personal Selection, I have chosen my three candidates to fill each position. My decision did not come easily. On several occasions I was torn between two choices, but after laboring over each pro and con of each applicant, I have finally made my decision. Each of the three chosen applicants possess outstanding qualities in the medical, ecological, and humanitarian fields that will help the community to blossom in this unseemly time. Future city can only operate if the assigned individuals perform there duties to the to the best of there ability. Although Future City has basic requirements such as clean air, water, and food if the people of this city do not perform their tasks at 110%, then our chances of survival are already out of reach. I will also describe and explain my seven rejections, why I made them, and why the three applicants I have chosen are the best chooses. I have chosen the best candidates for the job and I know they will give us all that fighting chance we deserve. They will rise above the common person to ensure that will all have a chance to eat, breath, be loved, and above all, survive.

             My first choice was Mary Jane Albert, an expert in the field of air and water recycling systems. Nothing is more vital than air and water that is why I feel she will be of great importance to the success of the city. Ms. Albert has a good sense of humor and ability to interact with others, which is important in this given situation. She is a fine teacher in her field and can easily educate others. Ms. Albert's thorough knowledge of her field will allow her to continue and progress in her studies and experiments to hopefully develop more efficient and reliable recycling systems. Ms. Albert has only one down fall; if in the future she has children, they may have medical complications.

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