Intrapersonal Communication

            In using my Intrapersonal communication I trying to process the information from the environment and sending explanations to myself. The first I can remember doing this a lot. I was watch the other members that work in the office very closely in how they talk to each other. What kind of verbal and non-verbal communication do they use. I do not think I was doing to be critical but to merely understand whom I am working with and get some kind of feeling where I will fit in. .

             One interesting message that I picked up was small but something to remember. There are two different offices for the outdoor recreation program. Jared has one and Crissy has the other one. Walking into Crissy office everything is in place ver net and clean. You're able to see everything easily. When you go into Jared office you got a disaster. Boxes of Tennis stuff all over the office. In the other corner you have outdoor magazines all over the floor and side desk. His desk is filled with paper work after paper work. On the other sided of the office you have the work-study desk and that is neat and cleaned off. Sometimes I wonder if it is a man woman thing that the desks are clean or disorder. See how Jared now works with four women in the offices. I do not think that it is true because I have some friends who are woman and their desks are dirtier than Jared's is. The good thing that I have noticed about Jared thought is that his may look disorder but he know wh!.

             ere everything is. If I would have asked the girls for something on their desk they could not have found it very quickly. .

             I always see Jared and Crissy outside of the office and they always speak to me and ask me how I am doing. When they send me e-mails they are always friendly and telling me to have 'good' or 'great' weekends. So I do see that they are trying to make it as comfortable as they can or know how. They always tell me that education comes' first so if I had a big exam or something like then I could work on that during my hour if I need to.

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