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George Eliot's The Mill on the Floss

The Mill on the Floss was extracted from the novel by George Eliot and recently adapted by Helen Edmundson for Soulpepper. The play, which is set in the Victorian era, has a historical morals attached to it. These morals tend to revolve around the female sex and in this play Maggie, the daughter of a troubled mill owner. Maggie, being the lead character, carries the progression of the entire play. When Maggie falls the entire play seems to circle around the fall and the other characters go through the pain Maggie goes through the only difference being the different perspectives. The story puts across to the amateur theatre go-er a plot line as follows: "Girl falls in love with boy boy also loves girl and wants to make a relationship, girl can not because boy is the son of her families arch enemy, girl is torn by her decision...aE...

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