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Arriving in Turkey

Arriving in Turkey, you're given the unique opportunity to see where it all began. Turkey is known as the land-bridge linking Europe and Asia. It has a long and varied history. Throughout her 10,000 year.

Turkey is a Middle Eastern nation that is both in Europe and Asia. Turkey borders Bulgaria on the northwest, Greece on the west, the Soviet Union and Iran on the East, and Iraq and Syria on the south. The Black Sea is north, the Aegean Sea to the west, and the

Mediterranean Sea to the south. Turkey is only slightly larger than Texas. Around 3 per cent of the country occupies the easternmost tip of southern Europe. Istanbul, Turkey's largest city, lies in this region of green, fertile hills and valleys. To the east, the rest of Turkey covers a large, mountainous peninsula called Anatolia or Asia Manor. Anatolia has many large cities, including the capital which is Ankara and areas of rich farmland. But much of Anatolia is rocky, barren land.

About 50 per cent of Turkey's population live in cities or towns. The rest live on farms

or in small villages. Nearly all people are Muslims which are followers of Islami. Turkey is

a developing country, and over half of all workers are farmers. The economy has become

more industrialized since the mid-1940's. Manufacturing now contributes slightly more to the national income than does agriculture.

Islamic law had strong influence in Turkish life for nearly 1,000 years. Turkey's new republican government introduced sweeping cultural and political reforms that discouraged or outlawed many traditional Islamic practices. Most Turkish people accepted the reforms, however

many others resisted the changes especially those living in rural areas. This conflict over the role of Islam in Turkish life continues to divide the nation.

Turkey is a republic. Its Constitution was adopted in 1982, following two years of military rule. Its parliamentary form of...

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