The Duran Duran Song "Ordinary World"

             Sometimes it is hard to fully understand the struggles and actions of a character when their actions take place in a time before ours. However, it is more easily understood when compared to a more recent work. Gilgamesh's journey or rite of passage in the Epic of Gilgamesh can be compared to certain aspects of the Duran Duran song Ordinary World; "Ordinary World” represents Gilgamesh experiencing loneliness, him learning to accept life, and his searching for someone important.

             Throughout the Epic of Gilgamesh, it is obvious that Gilgamesh is experiencing loneliness. In Tablet VIII, Gilgamesh says to the deceased Enkidu, " 'I cry now Enkidu, like some crazed woman. I howl. I screech for you because you were the ax upon my belt and the bow in my weak hand; the sword within my sheath, the shield that covered me in battle; my happiest robe, the finest clothes I ever wore, the ones that me look best in the eyes of the world'” (Jackson 53). Through this statement, Gilgamesh makes it clear that he feels incomplete without Enkidu. In Duran Duran's song Ordinary World, the subject is struggling with similar troubles; "Left me in the vacuum of my heart”. .

             Through his loneliness, Gilgamesh is searching for his other half, Enkidu. Every place that Gilgamesh journey's to he recites his loss; " 'I greatly loved my friend who was always there for me. I loved Enkidu who was always there for me. What awaits us all caught him first and I did thirst for one whole week to see him once again in splendor until his body decomposed'” (Jackson 67). Similar to Gilgamesh's search, so is the character of Ordinary World in search of someone. The character recites, " Where is my friend when I need you the most?” Through these lyrics it is obvious that the subject is searching for his other half, the person important to him. .

             Regardless of Gilgamesh's struggles he comes to terms with reality.

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