Paper on Being A Catholic

             What will this all mean for the rest of my life? I don't know quite yet.

             Growing up in a Catholic family and attending Catholic schools all my life, I have heard the names "Jesus” and "God” on a daily basis. It isn't unusual for classes to pray not only in religion class, but in English or chemistry too. In the last few years my faith has increased by leaps and bounds. I have gone from "going through the motions” in mass and in prayer, to genuinely thinking about the meaning of my words and where they came from. I admit, I don't pray on my own everyday. I guess I don't really feel the need to. Every once in awhile I get the urge to read the Bible, and I open it up to a random page and start reading. Sometimes I amaze myself with the relevance that these random, spontaneous readings have to my life. Should I pray more? Probably. But I think that my belief that God is always present and God is there if I need to talk is comfort enough. There are some days when I'll say a prayer when I'm driving, or taking a test. But prayers aren't always!.

             verbal. I think that prayers can come when looking at an awesome sunset or looking at pictures, or having a heart to hear talk with a friend. .

             Will prayer be in my future? Of course. Though I don't always realize it, sometimes I just need to pray in order to lighten my stress load or to break out in a smile. In the coming years - college, work force, marriage, children - prayer might be the only thing that keeps me sane at times. I don't think I'd ever be able to just "forget” God and never pray. I also must say that I will continue to go to Church. I think that next year at UW Madison it might be tough - staying out late and studying will most likely tell me that I don't have the time. But, I think I'll have to make the time. Ideally I'd like to continue going to Church on a weekly basis, and I certainly will try. I think if this isn't always possible, I can still go in the Church and pray on my own.

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