Leadership Role of a Group
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Shaw, Marvin E. The Psychology of Small Group Behavior. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1971

The leadership role of a group is the most important part. Leadership has

been studied more than any other part of a group. For this reason there is so

many ways to define leadership that other people might have a different

In 1953 Carter had four different views of leadership. First, the leader

could be the one that everyone focuses on. This meaning that the leader would

be the one to talk the most and be the one to make the groups final decision.

Most of the time in a group the leader is the center of attention but not always. In

a setting where there is people socializing, who one would say the leader is could

Second, the leader is the one who helps the group towards the goals set

forth. This is one who keeps the group on track and keeps the meeting flowing.

Carter found that it is not always true because it is hard to find the goals of the

Third, a leader could be someone chosen by the group to be the leader.

This is someone who the group would be the best for the position. Carter thinks

that this is only someone who has the leadership role but not what they know and

Fourth, in 1951 Cattell said that a leader is one who influences the group.

Really anyone in the group can be leader due to how they influence the other

group members. So in some groups there doesn't have to be a leader because

everyone puts all of the ideas together to influence each other. Now when

people take about the leader it means the person who has influenced the group

In my technology there always needs to be a leader. Like in a landscaping

company there is usually different teams of people. One does mowing another

team does the mulching and planting of plants and so o


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