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Computer Ethics: In a Business Environment

Computer Ethics: In a Business Environment

The power of the personal computer is no secret. PCs and the Internet are often connected to give us unprecedented tools for helping to improve businesses. But the power of the PC can be used for evil as well as good. Among the wrongdoers, you may be the person staring back at yourself each morning in the mirror. Most of us, most of the time, try to do the right thing, but with PCs, this can be easier said than done. Just because something isn't illegal, it isn't ethical, even if you don't get caught, that doesn't mean you are better off. Say you chatted on the computer when you were suppose to be working, you are unethically wasting money that you business give you to perform. With the introduction of the World Wide Web in 1990 it has catalyzed the expansion of the Internet, which is still growing today at unprecedented rates. Now many business corporations are using the Internet for marketing, communication, and productivity. The recent growth of the Internet it has r!

esulted not only in an increase in the amount of available knowledge, but in an increase in the problems inherent to its usage and distribution. It has become clear that traditional rules of conduct are not always applicable to this new medium, so new ethical codes are now being developed.

According to Webster's Dictionary ethics, "refer to the rules and standards governing the conduct of an individual with othersaE...

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