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The species of Crabs

The sea is full of many different species of crabs. I'll be covering three species of crabs. The species I'll be covering are blue crabs, hermit crabs, and fiddler crabs.

The topics of growth, reproduction, and characteristics will also be covered.

Blue crabs come from the family Portunidae a group of animals having jointed legs, segmented body, and a hard outer shell. (Capossela, 1990) It is a crustacean as are lobsters and shrimps. This crab stays in water although it could survive shortly out of it.

The growth of blue crabs is slowed in areas of high salinity. In the waters of average salinity, male crabs may grow to seven-nine inches. Females seldom make it past six. They can live an average of 2-2 1/2 years, although some make it to four years of age. The crab has to shed his hard shell in order to grow. It sometimes has to do this 25-30 times in his life, for about two days each. At this time the crab is called a "softshell.aE...

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