God Gives life and only God can Take it Away

            "God gives life and only God can take it away”. Give reasons for your answer, showing that you have considered more than one point of view.

             I do agree with this statement, as I believe that if God gave us the right to life then only God can take this right away from us. In Genesis 1 :27 it states that God created us in his image and we are therefore like him and are part of him. We should never take advantage of this and should respect the right that others have to life. Christians are prominent in anti-abortion, anti-euthanasia and anti-war movements as they believe killing is morally wrong and should be avoided.

             Life is a gift, a blessing and has dignity and therefore only God has the right to strip a person of this gift. In some countries they still use capital and corporal punishment or give the death penalty. In Romans 12: 14-21 it states not to repay evil with evil. This is what capital punishment is doing. Groups like Amnesty International campaign against such regimes because they feel that it is wrong. The Pope too has spoken out about such treatments in our world. Christians are important members of the groups who support this cause because they believe that only God has the right to take away human life. Those who carry out these punishments and the governments of these countries feel that these actions teach what is right and wrong and make an example to the rest of the people deterring them from these crimes. In Luke 12 : 6-7 it states all life deserves respect and as Christians we are asked to forgive others.

             Some people feel that some deaths are inevitable and cannot be helped as in war, though war is an act of man and not God. Others feel that it is not up to God when people should die but a choice and that is why they feel that euthanasia is not wrong. However, God has a plan for every life on earth as explained by Corinthians 3: 16-17 and if suffering is part of this plan then it is the cross we must bare and we should learn from our suffering, not just try to overcome it.

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