Living in a Diverse World

            - Communication is the key to a good relationship.

             - Listening is also key to good relationship. Good listener will be drawn to you, bad listeners hog conversations.

             - Barriers to communicating effectively are.


             -Name calling and labeling.

             - Advising.

             - Ordering.

             - Threatening.

             - Moralizing.

             - Diverting.

             - Logical arguing.

             - Another way to communicate is not by what we say but by the way we move our body, and also facial expressions. For example lift an eyebrow, or clasp our arms even being silent is a way of communication.

             - Gendered Communication.

             -Rapport Talk- the launage of conversation establishes connections and negotiates relationships. Females like to engage in this talk more than males do.

             -Report Talk- The Lauange of public speaking and talk designed to give information. Males enjoy this talk more than females.

             - A good communication skill is Self-Disclosure. Self-Disclosure helps people feel connected and open up themselves.

             Self-disclosure- communicating intimate details about themselves to someone else. Such as:.

             o A Private thought.

             o An Embarrassing moment.

             o A romantic feeling.

             - Using Self-closure is risky. One must first trust a person before telling him anything.

             - Relationships.

             With Parents.

             -Good idea not to break communication with parents no matter how much independence you want. You might need money or even emotional support.

             -One should call home every once and awhile so parents won't worry. Also E-mail is a good way to communicate its cheap and easy.

             - With Partners.

             - Don't take your partner for granted.

             - Develop Positive Identity. Feel good about your education. Then relationship benefits.

             Share thing you do in college like how your day went.

             - Be open with your partner. You must trust each other.

             - With Children.

             o Must Have good communication skills. If children are old enough talk to them about the important things. Also be a good listener .

             o Must Manage time with children.

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