Alarming Concerns on Teen Suicide Cases in America
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Thesis Statement: The reasons and answers to why youth kill themselves are

"Two teenagers burst into their Colorado high school one year ago this

month and gunned down thirteen people. But nearly lost in the avalanche of

reaction to the shootings at Columbine High School was the fact that the young

men were on a suicide mission” (Portner 1). Although most suicidal teens don't

kill themselves after carrying through with such a horrific event, suicide among

teens is a severe problem the nation is being forced to face.

Every year, thousands of youths die in North America, as a result of their

own hand. Even deaths involving cancer or those killed in car accidents do not

match the percentage of teens who take their own lives ("Epidemic” 2). Over the

course of the 1998-1999 school year; eight students committed homicides in

schools, and twenty-six students died in school-related violence. That same

year, an estimated 2,700 youth, aged ten to nineteen took their own lives.

(Portner 2) However, not all teen suicide attempts are successful; Out of the

500,000 teenagers who try to kill themselves only 5,000 succeed. ("Epidemic” 3).

This number is still considerably high. Suicide is currently the third leading cause

of death for fifteen to twenty-five year olds (Warren 1) and fifty percent of

highschool students say they have seriously considered suicide by the time they

graduate (Portner 2). These alarming statistics prove adolescent suicide has

become an immense problem striking the nation.

Teen suicide is approached more comfortably when one has witnessed

suicide by a family member or close friend (Conner 5). One case of teenage

depression ended in suicide. The victim, Mike, reportedly told his friend he had

lost the fear, and that day took his life. Six out of eight of Mike's close friends

said they also no longer feared death. (Hutchins 5)...

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