Rational and Emotional Intelligence

             "In a sense we have two brains two minds- and two different kinds of intelligence: rational and emotional. How we do in life is determined by both - it is not just IQ but emotional intelligence that matters.” .

             I disagree with this statement with the point of view that we have only one brain but our intelligence is split into two parts. They are not like separate intelligences working on their own. They exist co-dominantly, meaning that we cannot have one without the other. This paper is going to answer the question, Is the out come of our lives based upon our intelligences? The answer to this question, one has to look deeper into the realm of our intelligence.

             A definition of the intelligences presented is important in answering my question. Emotional intelligence is the ability of us as human beings to understand how relationships function. By understanding the very complex workings of relationships we will therefore be able to become far better communicators than we are now. As we will understand what or how rather, a relationship develops and what each party needs to do and know in order that the relationship succeed. I was not cognizant of this fact until recently. When one understands how a relationship works, then one will be able to know when to try harder or to give up, given the signals by the other party involved. .

             The term IQ means intelligence quotient, which is still a bit vague, but a quotient is the number obtained when another divides one quantity. Taking that into consideration IQ therefore means the amount of intelligence one has when compared to others. Our rational intelligence helps us to formulate plans and goals. It also helps us to determine how far in life we want to go and discover the means necessary to reach our. With our rational intelligence though there is no emotion. It's all about what 'I' want and there is no consideration for the other parties - if any - and how the consequences of our actions will affect them.

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