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The Beginning of Edgar Allan Poe's Life

Edgar Allan Poe was an extremely troubled man from the beginning of his life. Poe's mine was consumed with thoughts of death. In his dark times he felt as if the grave was calling to him to come nearer and nearer. Even in the good times when Poe was his happiest with love in his life he new that death was always waiting around the corner, either for him or for his loves. Poe's life from his birth could have been one of his own creations. At an early age Poe's father disappeared, later it was conceived that he had died; about that same time Poe's mother became ill with consumption. Within a year of his father's disappearance Poes's mother died. This left Poe an orphan to live most of his life in poverty, and to be taken in by the Allan's. Mrs. Allan who loved him dearly and Mr. Allan who resented and grew to dislike Poe, as Poe did him. The tormented longings, which sent Poe half-mad to his death, were also where his genius came from. To understand Poe's writings is t!

o understand his hatred for his fathers, his love for the women in his life, and his fear of death

Poe held hatred in his heart. Hate is a vicious animal that eats away at the soul of its victim. Hate will drive a person to despair. All these things were evident in Poe's life. His hate began almost from the beginning of his life. From the moment he saw his mother die Poe began to hate his father. He hated him for leaving them and for making him a child of charity (Lindsay Pg 11). Poe was to felt alone much of his life as he writes about in his poem "AloneaE...

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