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Different Kinds of Relationships

I value friendship more than the most expensive

material things in this world. I started building friendships as far as my memory could reach

from my kindergarten classmates who were also my neighbors to my freshmen classmates

Friendships in the world today have many types of relationships. There is something

unique and special about each of them. For example, the relationship between father and

son. In the Father-Son Relationships The author develops the theme of father-son

relationships through the related ways between David & Reuven Malter and Reb & Danny

Saunders. The devoted relationship went along with the novel when Reuven's mother has died

before the novel began, and Danny's mother receives little more than a brief mention

throughout the entirety of the novel. The author allows a great deal in the father-son

relationship, suggesting the gathering ways that a father may raise a son such as Reb

Saunders' strict training as compared to David Malter's open and direct relationship with

Reuven. The author also offered the fatherly relationship with a strong sense of devotion;

as the son of a tzaddik, Danny Saunders is expected to be a tzaddik. Maybe the most

striking example of the importance of father-son relationships in The Chosen is Danny's

response to David Malter's question of whether he will raise his son in silence, for

Danny's answer he said, "Yes. If I can't find another way.aE...

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