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The Characteristics of Political Parties

Systemic is a€œa€¦characteristics of the structure and dynamics of electoral competitiona€? as defined by Carlene Edie. This implies according to Edie that system is in a stricter sense referring to a stable pattern of interacting parts.

Patrick Emanuel defines party a€œa€¦an association of people under a specific name whose primary purposes are the achievement and exercise of governmental power.a€? To ensure governmental power there is regularly held elections and the successful party will receive this ultimate power. The success of a political party is characterised by: the leadership; the structure and organization combined with features of charisma or rational-legality; ideology and plans espoused from time to time through their manifesto.

Also, another characteristic of political parties is the sustainability of the political party. For example, about 20 parties have established themselves as durable, which may be due to their association with trade unions. The Jamaica Labour Party initially was hardly a political party, its founder Alexander Bustamante was more focused on his Trade Union. It was really the union that converted itself into a party to contest the first Universal Adult Suffrage election in 1944.

And finally, the electoral performance as measured by the numbers of elections contested, the numbers of candidates nominated, votes received, and seats won1. The parties that were loosely formed did not last. Generally, one or two parties dominated each country and also have governed in any territory. For example, in Jamaica the two main political parties are Peoples National Party and the Jamaica Labour Party. Bustamante was said to be a militant anti-socialist and demagogic populist. The alliances were a mixture of conservativea€™s individual whose political interest was not about policies and ideology but instead loyalty to Bustamante this is according to Carl Stone3.

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